LC WAIKIKI at West Gate!


Founded in 1988 by three French partners, LC Waikiki became a Turkish brand in 1997. LC Waikiki aims to offer fashion at affordable prices in line with the belief that “everyone deserves to dress well,” and has been the market leader in all clothing categories in Turkey since 2004. Having been one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers since 2014 as a result of the global journey it embarked on in 2009, LC Waikiki represents Turkey’s power in textile retailing abroad as the market leader in 22 of the 56 countries where it operates today.

LC Waikiki maintains its journey of expansion since 34 years both domestically and internationally. LC Waikiki continues its operations with almost 60 thousand employees and more than 1200 stores in 56 countries today.

Our Mission

“Everyone deserves to dress well”

As one of Turkey’s global brands, we believe that everyone deserves to dress well, and continue our activities in line with this belief. While we follow our mission by dressing people to fit their styles and budgets, we strive to make more people happy every day with our team of almost 60 thousand people.

Our Vision

As LC Waikiki, we continue to pursue our passion in line with our goal, based on the principles of employee, customer, and supplier satisfaction, social responsibility, and sustainability. We aim to make fashion affordable all around the world by achieving our vision of becoming one of Europe’s top three most successful fashion retail brands in the coming years.